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21 April 2011 @ 06:43 pm
► Got a Plurk account cuz granny ECK and my beloved are Nyanbelle also there.

► I have a small party at my room with just a few friends from school. It was so fun though I'm still have headaches all the time! My friends are always so mischievous but today they're totally obedient! LOL Got many birthday wishes too!

Thank you for all those birthday wishesss, you guys rockssssssssssss!

Got a message from my mom (actually my uncle sent it as usual using my mom's number) but I still be very happy! She said many things about the past, when she was 19. That's when she had her first love! My grandmother was so strict, when my mom came home late, my granny often threw her shoes at my mom LOL. She always missed though. And also many things that mothers usually tell their children when they get to 19. I cried a bit... and I miss mom...

► I might be hospitalize once last time for 2-3 months and even longer. And this time. NO HOMECOMING! orz

► Watched Hanasaku Iroha up to episode 3. The show is really enjoyable! I don't have any complains. The animation is really gorgeous. It's the first time since ages I enjoyed a slice of life show.

► Still, steins;gate makes me more curious but I'm not gonna read spoilers. LOL "BUT HE'S STILL A GUY." HAHAHA I fell for a trap once again orz. I was truly surprised!

Anddddd blue exorcist!! I didn't read the manga but... it's really good! It get me LOL'ed pretty hard.It's one of the show that more than I expected. But I wonder if it'll be unique out of other shounen/action shows? Deadman wonderland /is not very interested in yet, but I'll follow the show anyway until I couldn't.

Listening: Yuki Kajiura - Faith (Historia Hiwa Rekishi OST)